About Fusion Squared

The artist, John Rinehart, is a native of Kansas, and he has used glass as a means of expression for over 30 years. He first worked in stained glass, creating beautiful windows that exemplified the highest standards in form, design and color. He has recently branched out into kiln-formed glass or fused glass. Fused glass is glass that has been fired in kiln in a wide range of temperatures, 1100-1600°F. Heating glass in these higher ranges allows the glass to fully fuse together. Heating glass in the lower ranges is known as “slumping” and it allows the glass to slump into or around a mold, creating a particular shape.

Fusion Squared is owned by John Rinehart and John Jarrett. In addition, Fusion Squared carries the work of other artists from Eureka Springs and around the nation. Some, but not all of their art is featured on our website. Please come by and visit us in Eureka Springs to see all that we have to offer you. Our goal is to help you fuse your life with art, making your life more rich and enjoyable.