Fusion Squared Featured Artists

  Dorothy Tannahill Moran
I want to introduce Dorothy Tannahill Moran, a new fused glass artist that we are now featuring in our store. Dorothy and her husband, Terry, own PortlandSky Designs, a studio featuring custom art in glass and wood. We are presently carrying serving pieces that Dorothy has created. Her technique is amazing. The theme in the serving pieces is autumn leaves and she has created the leaves entirely from glass frit. We have 15-inch diameter serving platters, a 8-inch square plate and a coaster set. We look forward to the new, exciting pieces that she will be creating in the future.

  Pat Lujan & Lee Kroll
The Raku process uses a specially formulated glaze on a piece of bisque-ware pottery, which is brought up to a high temperature (about 1800 °F) in a Raku kiln, and then placed red hot into a lidded container full of combustibles (e.g. sawdust, paper, leaves). The smoke (carbon) and flames interact with the pottery surface and glazing to create the effects that make the Raku finish so beautiful and unique.

  Chris Prouty
Original Graphite Drawings. In his graphite drawings, aside from expressing the beauty of the human body, he atttempts to juxtapose [the] complexity and texture [of the human form] with the potentiality of empty space. A strong contrast of light and dark also figures importantly in his drawings.

  John Cox
Gratitude Stones. John Cox is an American artist living in Tulsa, Oklahoma who produces art work using glass. He works closely with form and color contrasts to produce works that are both striking and unique. Each gratitude stone comes on a 2mm adjustable satin cord necklace. Each piece is one of a kind and cannot be duplicated.